About Us


Shairlook™ recognizes the changes in the beauty industry due to technological advances.  Professionals that understand technology will be successful in today's workplace.  That is why Shairlook™ is providing the latest tablet computers to cosmetology school students.  The Shairlook™ application will teach students how to be technologically savvy giving them an advantage, after graduation, in today's competitive job market.  






Provide students with a wireless device to access textbooks

Reduce the dropout rate

Increase the retention of new stylists entering the industry

Make education easy, inspirational and fun




Shairlook™ inspires students by connecting them with the world's most successful beauty professionals. Today's top stylists share their stories about what they did to become successful exclusively on Shairlook™.   We provide students with high quality wireless devices.  All devices are guaranteed and warrantied through Shairlook™.