For Schools




Shairlook™ offers the latest wireless tablet devices at manufacturer direct prices.  The wireless tablet will have the Shairlook™ web application. The Shairlook™ web application works as a window into the professional beauty industry. Shairlook™ provides you with cutting edge tools to manage your student body and provide them with all the necessary resources to become successful stylists. Allow Shairlook™ to increase your school enrollment by incorporating new technology.


Cosmetology schools face a very high dropout rate. Shairlook™ is here to reduce the dropout rate and increase the retention of new stylists entering the industry.


Cosmetology textbook companies will soon be ending printed curriculum, cosmetology schools will have to provide wireless devices to the students to access the textbooks online.


Shairlook™ is also an eco-friendly and modern way to work.





Cosmetology schools need to attract new students. Nowadays, technology is a very important aspect of many people’s lives, students and schools need a reliable platform for the dissemination of digital educational material.






- Students will enjoy being connected to other students and professionals with similar interests and goals.  

- They will receive educational material through a friendly and reliable social media platform.

- They will customize their portfolio from the beginning of their school career.

- Shairlook™ remains a helpful tool even after graduation.