Tablet care

Thanks for using Teclast USA Ava Tab III

Your new tablet has amazing features:

Dual Operation Systems: Windows and Android

High-resolution screen 2048 x 1536 (4:3)

Camera: 5 MP rear with auto focus – 2 MP front

Battery: 8000 mAh Li-Polymer


ROM Space 

If you want to install many applications and/or store a lot of information we suggest the installation of an additional 32 GB or 64 GB memory card (MicroSD).

Soon we are going to offer cloud store services. Stay tuned!

First Time Charging

Please charge your new Ava Tab III overnight, without interruption, before using for the first time.


Your tablet has been fully tested and your initial Windows updates have been done for you. However, you may need to go the Windows Store for updates for your standard applications.

For more protection for your tablet, a free antivirus its recommended. We installed AVG on your desktop and the icon is:  ‚Äč. Please click on it to get AVG Antivirus for free.


This operation system offers a variety of amazing free applications, is less affected by viruses and has great performance. Please note that many Adobe Flash applications are not supported by Android.  


If you want to use free office mobile you need to use your windows email account or create a new one for free if you don’t have one.

Bluetooth Keyboard 

Your Bluetooth Keyboard has been paired and tested in the Windows session. If you want to use the keyboard in your Android session you need to pair the keyboard following these steps. Remember, when returning to a Windows session you need to forget the previews and pair again using these steps.

  1. Turn on tablet
  2. Go to Tablet Settings
  3. Tap Bluetooth
  4. Turn On (move button to the right)
  5. Turn on Bluetooth keyboard
  6. Push Connect
  7. Select Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard when it appears
  8. Type in the code and press enter

Sensitive buttons 

Your tablet has new sensitive touch buttons for on/off command and volume adjustment. You do not have to apply any pressure when using these buttons. Please be gentle when using these buttons to avoid damages.


Your tablet battery has great capacity and the service time duration is affected by:

We suggest that you disable the services that you are not using, for example if you are watching a movie you may deactivate the Bluetooth. If you are working with Office you may turn off the Wi-Fi and set the screen brightness at 50%.

Always turn off the tablet and the keyboard when you are not using it.  Let the battery discharge completely at least one a month.


If you need additional support for your Ava Tab III please use the Shairlook technical support live chat. 

Understanding Tablets

Tablet computers rely on several componenets to operate together.  If one componenet fails it may corrupt many or all systems on the device.  According to experts, 95% of technical issues related to tablets are due to the software being run or downloaded.  Please understand the software that you are using and be sure it is safe and free of viruses.