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Tabatha Coffey Shares Business Tips by Modern Salon


Although she went in depth on each topic, here are some highlights:


CONSULTATION:  We only have one shot to make clients want to come back. 97% of hairdresser says they consult, but 7% of clients believe they were not given a consultation. You have to work a little harder and in the right way. Have empathy and LISTEN. Listen to hear what the client is saying. The conversation is so important. We all want to feel valued. 


LEADERSHIP: Clients want to be led. They are looking for leadership and are looking to YOU as the expert. As a leader in the salon, my job is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. I see the potential in people even when they don’t see it in themselves. It’s my job to bring it out.


RAISING PRICES: It is the number one thing hairdressers have been dealing with. You aren’t “screwing your clients over” by raising your prices. You are charging what you are worth. It’s the price of doing business. The cost of goods goes up. I recommend a dollar amount rather than a percentage.


MALE CLIENTS: Guys are a little bit different. They don’t know really what they want, but they know when they don’t like it. Show a Pinterest board with male looks, categorized by length or texture. Use this to consult.


NO COMPETE CONTRACTS: I’m not a lawyer and every state is different, but they are often done as a way to build intimidation. We have to learn to leave in the right way. We all grow so it should be celebrated and not feared. I don’t want anyone to stay in my business because they are afraid.



Source: modernsalon.com